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The “Energy Data Exchange (EDA)” project constitutes uniform technology which was implemented for all market participants in the energy sector, beginning in 2012. Since that time, communication via EDA has been implemented without any outages in line with the general ebXML standard (in future: AS4). EDA supports all market participants regardless of their size.

Below is a timeline of the processes introduced to-date:

History of Energy Data Exchange

Multiple participation in energy communities (EGs) will be possible for end customers from April. End customers can participate in up to five ECs (GEA, EEG, BEG) with their metering point. The dynamic or static model can still be used within each energy community. For the metering point, it must be stated to what percentage (statically) a metering point participates in which EC.
Directory service: Network operators can query the master data of energy service providers from EDA GmbH from April. An advantage for energy service providers and energy communities is faster turnaround times after initial contact.

In Austria, citizen energy communities (BEGs) can exchange energy data across several concession areas without geographical restrictions. For this purpose, an “energy allocation across distribution system (VEZ)” will be set up. The VEZ acts as a service provider for the network operators. These transmit the production and consumption data from the BEGs to the VEZ. The VEZ calculates the energy balance for a BEG and sends the results back to the network operators.

© EVN Rumbler
© EVN Rumbler

Mission / Vision

EDA 2030 Mission Statement

In future, the Austrian energy market will be easily accessible for all citizens and participants and will offer various new energy services. EDA is an independent and open information and service platform, enabling all market participants free access to the energy market, secure and efficient communication and standardised information exchange.

Our Vision

As the joint service provider for all Austrian transmission and distribution system operators for gas and electricity, we play a pioneering role internationally. All of the participants in the energy market in all market roles receive access to the data they need in standardised form. Through our services, we support and enable current and future developments on the basis of national and European legislation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reliably and securely provide the energy industry with high-quality data exchange. Our task is to ensure non-discriminatory exchange of data between all participants in the energy market in accordance with the state-of-the-art, the current legal and regulatory framework and the provisions governing data protection. We also provide low-threshold access via various interfaces so that the data required for the respective business models can be exchanged in a standardised and easily accessible form. Due to the development of the energy market and the emergence of new market roles, new services are constantly required. We are facing up to this changed market environment and are well prepared for them. We transparently publish all information relevant to accessing the Energy Data Exchange.


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