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New employees of the EDA GmbH

Since May 1st, 2023 two new colleagues have joined our team.

They bring fresh perspectives and diverse experiences with them. We are happy to introduce them to you.

As a projectmanager Mr Jörg Meier contributes his many years of experience in the energy industry to us.

Mr Kerim Öztürk works as a data analyst in the team and studies business informatics.

We warmly welcome them and look forward to a successful cooperation.

EDA User Portal - information event for energy communities

On 14.12.2022 a free information event for all interested market participants took place.

The aim was to present market processes in the EDA User Portal which concern energy communities (GC-, RC-, and CC-identifiers).

All presentation documents as well as the recording of the event can be found in the documents section here:

User Portal - New market processes for energy communities

On Monday, 03.10.2022, some changes for the electronic data exchange between energy communities and network operators will come into force.

A new participant of an energy community must, for the activation of its metering point, either

  • be registered with the network operator portal or
  • request a QR code from the grid operator, which he sends to the operator of the energy community.

Detailed information on the new processes can be found here.

Successful conversions on the Austrian energy market to the new AS4 message protocol

On Friday, 20 May 2022, energy market communication in Austria was switched to the AS4 message protocol. The infrastructure built up since 2012 was previously based on the ebMS 2.0 protocol and applied to all processes consulted and published on

The changeover was completed within a few hours. The biggest challenge was the synchronisation of all participants. Since Saturday 21 May, energy market communication in Austria has been based on AS4.

Particularly important was the close coordination and cooperation between all electricity and gas network operators, all electricity and gas suppliers, as well as some energy service providers, the technical service provider Ponton GmbH from Hamburg and the operator of the platform, EDA energiewirtschaftlicher Datenaustausch GmbH.

We thank all those involved for the successful implementation!


Citizen energy communities at the user portal

In April 2022, the user portal was expanded to include a module for citizen energy associations. Civic energy associations can now register on the user portal and use it to exchange energy-related data.

More information on energy communities can be found here.

"More than 99 percent of the processes are carried out fully automatically in less than a minute."

Interview with Dr. Merz, Ponton

Vienna/Hamburg (energate-messenger, March 18, 2022) - At the end of May, the Austrian energy market will switch to the new message protocol AS4. Ponton Managing Director Dr. Michael Merz.

You can find the interview here.