Energy Suppliers and system operators

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Easy participation

Energy Suppliers and system operators form the core of the Energy Data Exchange.

Energy data from final customer are stored with the system operators as the leading system. Authorised interested parties are able to obtain these data via standardised market processes.

Standardised market processes have been developed to simplify the exchange of data between market participants. Change of supplier and master data changes of final customer are handled via the EDA infrastructure. In addition, energy data for invoicing is exchanged in order to render the workflows at participating market participants efficient.


In order to participate in the Energy Data Exchange, an identifier is required. This identifier is valid as an identification number for all further data exchange via EDA with other market participants.

How to obtain the identifier:

Connection types

The following options are available for data transmission or exchange for energy suppliers and system operators:

Relevant processes

You will find the relevant market processes here.

Sample representation of communication