Communication Endpoint (CEP)


The "PONTON X/P" standard CEP is the connection type for market participants with very high data exchange volumes who have their own IT infrastructure or IT service provider and their own software application for message processing and creation.

Technical details

A "PONTON X/P" standard CEP consists of two software applications – PONTON X/P Messenger and PONTON X/P Listener. Both are installed and operating locally in the market participant’s infrastructure. We recommend installing PONTON X/P Listener in the DMZ (demilitarised zone) and the PONTON X/P Messenger in an internal network zone.

The market participant has the option of authorising an IT service provider to operate the CEP.

A CEP supports more than 1,000,000 message transmissions per day as well as very large attachments.

Access to the CEP is restricted by means of authentication using a username and password. Additional users may be created for administration via the CEP user administration. A web interface for monitoring message transmissions and for configuring the CEP is included in the installation. Standardised services (file structure, REST, etc.) may be used to transmit messages between the CEP and the user’s own software application for message processing.

Find more about the technical resource requirements here.

Proprietary connection

Since messages are sent via publicly accessible protocols and formats, it is possible to implement a CEP independently and connect to the Single Internet Access (SIA). In this case, the SIA operator must be consulted in order to keep the participant ID number and certificate administration updated and decentralised in self-implementation.

How the connection takes place

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