Energy Service Providers

Energy data bundling made easy

Participants in the processes in connection with the data-sharing process with eligible parties (Customer Consent Management) are all those Energy Service Providers who receive consents from end-customers for the secure transfer of data collected by the distribution system operator in the course of business. This enables the Energy Service Provider to receive energy data or master data from final customer (after they have provided their consent).

In order to enable the smooth exchange of data between the Energy Service Provider and the system operator, the Energy Service Providers must establish communication and further data transmission with the system operators. In addition to the ongoing provision of energy volumes, this also relates to clearly defined procedures for various changes (such as the cancellation of data release authorisation).


Before participating in the Energy Data Exchange, the Energy Service Provider must register at the information platform. The Energy Service Provider identifier (e.g. EP100005) is assigned in the course of registration for the Energy Service Provider at This identifier is valid as an identification number for all further data exchange via EDA with other market participants.

Connection types

The following options are available to Energy Service Providers for data transmission or data exchange:

The User Portal was developed for Energy Service Provider. It does not only transmit data securely, it also offers all information on data transmission and security as well as comprehensive services. In the User Portal, messages transmitted by system operators are visualised and processed for further use.

The price sheet for Energy Service Providers may be found here.

Relevant processes

You will find the relevant market processes here (Category "Customer Consent Management").

Exemplary representation of an online data release